Aswar Al-Khair first MEP company in Iraq

About Us

Aswar Al-Khair Company for Trade and General Contracting is the first MEP company (all mechanical and electrical works in full) in Iraq and has several international agencies in the mechanical and electrical fields with foreign cadres from outside Iraq

Where the company, in addition to its main activity with central air conditioning, in the design, processing, implementation and maintenance of all electrical and mechanical works for large and medium projects and with the highest international specifications and standards

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Seminar 2019

A picture from seminar 2019 in Baghdad Eyes Hall with the largest consultants and project owners

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Babylon Hotel

Opening multi -v5 Babylon Hotel in 2018

CEO's word

Aswar Al-Khair Company for Trading and General Contracting was established on the basis of achieving customer satisfaction and completing the work entrusted to us on time. These values contribute to directing our performance in the Iraqi market.

Our goal is to successfully accomplish difficult tasks even in the difficult times that the country is going through. We always strive to exceed the expected results in fulfillment of our commitments and what motivates us to continue our mission and our inner passion to do what suits the society to which we belong. We always seek and work to hire the best people and provide them with training and opportunities to achieve their goals and help them In supporting the company's successes, and every employee in the company seeks to rise to the highest standards of behavior and professionalism, and we believe that our culture and basic principles have distinguished us from others and contributed to achieving our long-standing successes.

Aswar Al-Khair Company, with its management and staff, aspires to achieve leadership in its field of specialization and deliver high-quality work on time. Over the past years, we have realized that distinguished companies are patient to achieve unusual goals, so we have raised the level of our performance, and our committed team has been able to exceed the desired goals.

Omar Shehab Al-Azzawi
Executive Director

Company History

Aswar Al-Khair Company for Trading and General Contracting was established in Baghdad in 2009. Aswar Al-Khair Company is an extension of the Ahl Al-Khebra Company for General Contracting, which works in the field of electrical and mechanical contracting in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Aswar Al-Khair Company has implemented hundreds of projects in the field of electrical and mechanical contracting, and since the establishment, we are proud of the fact that we succeeded in conducting our business in an effective manner that produced wide-ranging benefits for our customers, and we will continue to work on this principle.

Aswar Al-Khair Company was able to obtain the exclusive distributor license in central Iraq from LG Electronics in the field of supplying, installing and maintaining central air conditioners, System VRF.

our vision

Aswar Al-Khair Company to be a pioneer in the field of electrical and mechanical contracting in Iraq by providing products that meet the needs of our customers

Our goals

We seek to build a long-term relationship with the client by choosing the most appropriate system with the client's requirements, selecting the appropriate equipment and skilled cadres, continuous follow-up to the implementation of projects, taking care of the smallest details and keeping abreast of the latest scientific developments reached by modern technology.

Company Structure

Our services

Aswar Al-Khair Company is distinguished in providing its after-sales services by following up on our implemented projects and providing advice and technical support to our valued customers.

The company is proud that it always seeks to expand the boundaries of knowledge in the implementation of electrical and mechanical contracting and keep abreast of all developments and developments on VRF systems.


Aswar Al-Khair Company offers the best engineering designs for central air conditioning works, which are carried out according to programs approved by international companies within international standards that meet the needs of our valued customers.


Aswar Al-Khair Company carries out installation work at the highest level, and our implemented projects attest to that, in addition to the fact that Aswar Al-Khair Company imports materials for installation from international sources according to international standards in order to ensure high quality and gain the trust of the customer. Aswar Company has its own trained staff within international standards Installing central air conditioning.


Aswar Al-Khair Company provides complete maintenance services for central air-conditioning devices within periodic maintenance contracts with many advantages and lower cost to its valued customers under the supervision of engineers and technicians with experience and professional training.

Some pictures of the implemented company's projects

Abu Hassanein Building / Baghdad

TR 181

Al-Najaf Restaurant

1700 ton

Khalid Al Shammari Hotel / Baghdad

280 TR

Al-Hayat Mall MEP

TR 10000

Al-Firdows Complex

1700 ton

Al-Adhamiya Mall

1700 ton

Al-Mashreq University

TR 1622

Al-Maaref University

TR 50

Al-Baraka Bank

TR 50

Zulfiqar Hotel

TR 50

Al-Moayyed Hospital

TR 50

Aghnar Hotel

TR 50

Al-Dur Palace - Al-Najaf MEP

1700 ton

Korean Embassy

420 ton

Al-Mared Project

180 ton

Baghdad Hotel

60 ton